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Center for Integrative Biology

The Center for Integrative Biology in Toulouse (CBI Toulouse) regroups five research departments that form a strong pole in post-genomic biology, with a total of about 400 researchers.

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The new CBI building is coming out of the ground !

By 2020, the CBI will benefit from new premises, designed and built in close cooperation with users.This operation is part of a funding "Toulouse Campus" f...


The APICAMPUS project supports a cotutelle thesis between the UPS and the Macquarie University (Australia)

As part of the Apicampus project, Thibault Dubois beneficits from a PhD grant from the University Toulouse III- Paul Sabatier and a scholarship from the Ma...

Diversity of "decision-making" in the blob

When it comes to choice, taking time to evaluate the different options exposes you to competition, while responding quickly leads to mistakes.In an article...

Journey to the center of the nuclear pore

The nuclear pore complex is the gateway regulating exchanges between nucleus and cytoplasm. This transport machinery must allow a very high flow rate, but ...

The adult stem cell strategy to escape programmed death

Adult stem cells ensure constant renewal of tissues, such as skin, intestine, blood and some neural tissues, to compensate for the accumulation of stress a...

Fruit flies can transmit their sexual preferences culturally

Researchers from the CNRS and université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier (UT3), including Guillaume Isabel from the CRCA-CBI, show that fruit flies possess...

CBI coordinates the newly approved 'International 4D nucleome' European COST action

Under the COST programme of the European commission, Kerstin Bystricky at CBI-Toulouse will coordinate the European consortium on 'International 4D nucleom...

A new light on DNA segregation in bacteria

The molecular machine that segregates DNA in bacteria relies on the assembly of several hundreds of ParB proteins. Along with the imaging and capture of th...

Kerstin Bystricky of the LBME and international experts in the field of dynamics and structural genomics are calling for the development of standards for 3...

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