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Center for Integrative Biology

The Center for Integrative Biology in Toulouse (CBI Toulouse) regroups five research departments that form a strong pole in post-genomic biology, with a total of about 400 researchers.

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Symposium "Behavioral adaptations: from cells to superorganisms"

Symposium of the CRCA's PhD and Post-Doc 27th of September, IBCG conference room For the first time, the RAINBIO association of the CRCA's PhD students o...

Info letter and Europe Calls for Entries

Info letter and Europe Calls for Entries No. 7 (September 6th 2016) is now available here.Find the archives with the

François Payre, awarded CNRS Silver Medal

François PAYRE, research director at the Centre de biologie du développement (CBD/CBI), has been awarded the CNRS Silver Medal. The CNRS Silver Medal ho...

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