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Missions :

Genome wide technologies are now part of many projects. the CBI has developped a local core facility to process and analyse that kind of data and make these technologies accessible to every CBI's team.

The core facility missions are :

- Help CBI's teams to process their high throughput sequencing data, by being implicated at the earliest stage of new project requiring next generation sequencing tools and processing/analysing the data.

- Develop pipelines and user-friendly applications, at the request, to automatize certain tasks.

- Take charge of the user trainings on existing tools (Internal CBI trainings Biostat/R and Bioinfo/Galaxy) and  supervise or co-supervise students, on the core facility or in the teams.

- Develop methods and tools for project requiring particular expertise (statistics, mathematics or bioinformatics) on advanced questions (new technology, multi-scale analysis, comparative and integrated analysis...).

- Insert the core facility in a local bioinformatic network by working with other institutions and core facility (I2MC, GenoToul INRA, IMT biostatistic facility...) and scientific and technological monitoring.


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