Chromatin and Gene Expression


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Team members

  • Anne-Claire LAVIGNE
  • Bernard MARIAME
  • Nicolas TANGUY LE GAC
  • Silvia KOCANOVA
  Technical staff
  • Isabelle GOIFFON
  • Fatima MOUTAHIR
  • Haitham SHABAN
  • Sylvain AUDIBERT
  • Thomas GERMIER
  Master Student
  • Roman BARTH
  • Ludmila RECOULES


We want to get a high resolution climpse at chromatin structure and chromosome behavior with respect to fundamental aspects of double strand break processing, transcription activation and viral infection. We develop methods to label DNA in fixed and living cells using fluorescent probes and develop non-invasive labeling techniques to visualize and quantify DNA. The technology transfer from yeast to human cells is an asset in the laboratory, and opens new perspectives in the field of chromatin dynamics. Applying mathematical modeling, we attempt to elucidate the functional relationship between the location of a gene, its inherent dynamics and its response to stimuli. We explore kinetics of long range chromatin interactions in order to obtain new structural insights on chromatin organization based on physical parameters. We analyse epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression in mammary tumor cells, investigating in particular the chromatin structure and its modifications at estrogen receptor target genes, and biophysical properties of chromosomes and their role in DNA double strand break repair in yeast. Our challenge is to experimentally act upon structure to probe impact on function.




Chromatin dynamics and regulation of gene expression

Cancer chromatin signatures – role of histone variants

Chromosome dynamics and DNA repair


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  • Mariamé B., Kappler-Gratias S., Balor S., Gallardo F., Bystricky K. .
    Real-time imaging of virus replication using an auto-fluorescent DNA-based system
    2016 Jan in preparation
  • Thomas Germier, Silvia Kocanova, Aurélien Bancaud, Hafida Sellou, Mathieu Dalvai, Franck Gallardo and Kerstin Bystricky.
    Transcription initiation reduces local chromatin dynamics at single gene loci
    2016 Jan in preparation
  • Belton JM., Lajoie BR., Audibert A., Cantaloube C., Lassadi I., Goiffon I., Bau D., Marti-Renom M., Bystricky K. and Dekker J#. .
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