Experience-Dependent Plasticity in Insects


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Team members

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  • Catherine ARMENGAUD
  • Patrizia D'ETTORRE
  • Guillaume ISABEL
  Technical staff
  • Lucie HOTIER
  • Manon MARQUE
  • Isabelle MASSOU
  • Tamara GOMEZ
  • Scarlett HOWARD
  • Cristian PASQUARETTA
  • Solenn PATALANO
  • Sebastian SCHWARZ
  • Louise BESTEA
  • Alexandre DORE
  • Thibault DUBOIS
  • Matthias DURRIEU
  • Stéphane KRAUS
  • Gregory LAFON
  • Florent Le MOEL
  • Paul MARCHAL
  • Coline MONCHANIN
  • Aurélie MURIA


The objective of our team is the integrative study of experience-dependent plasticity in insects, with a particular focus on cognitive functions, such as visual and olfactory learning and memory. Three model species (honeybee, bumblebee, Drosophila), for which detailed descriptions of brain anatomy and genome are now available, are used to explore behavioral plasticity in ecologically relevant tasks and to track down their genetic, molecular and neural mechanisms bases. The comparative analysis between species exhibiting various levels of social complexities provides a unique opportunity to consider experience-dependent plasticity in a social context.

Our multidisciplinary approach is poised at the interface between experimental psychology, neurobiology, molecular biology, behavioral genetics and cognitive ecology. We use state-of the-art techniques spanning from behavioral observations of free-flying bees foraging on computer-controlled flowers, to the conditioning of harnessed individuals presented with tightly controlled stimuli, the identification of neural circuits involved in memory formation using transgenes, and the detailed tracking of neurotransmission processes in targeted brain structures.



Social modulation of learning and memory

Plasticity in gustatory networks and responses

impact of stress and pesticides

Molecular and neural mechanisms of appetitive and aversive memories

Neural signaling and memory processes : roles of cholinergic and GluCl-based neurotransmission

Neural bases of elemental and non-elemental learning

Mechanisms of visual cognition


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