Interindividual Variability and Emergent Plasticity



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Team members

  • Jacques GAUTRAIS
  • Jean-Paul LACHAUD
  • Séverine TRANNOY
  Technical staff
  • Gérard LATIL
  • Christophe BOUSQUET
  • Léa BRIARD
  • Eniko CSATA
  • Aurèle BOUSSARD
  • Violette CHIARA


The objective of the IVEP team is to develop an integrative approach to investigate the determinants of phenotypic plasticity across different biological scales. Phenotypic plasticity is the capacity of a given genotype to produce a diversity of phenotypes in response to variations in the environment and represents one of the most important ways by which organisms adaptively respond to the environment. The IVEP team ambitions to investigate how biological entities, being cells or individuals, integrate environmental changes to produce adaptive responses and it also aims at examining how phenotypic plasticity emerges from interactions among its underlying components. 


Neural bases of social interactions in fruit flies

Foraging in C. elegans

Social behaviours in spiders

Processing of social cues in ants

Nutrition in ants

Interindividual variability in social insects

Emergent layering during neocortex development

Plasticity in slime moulds


  • Azaïs M, Blanco S, Bon R, Fournier R, Pillot M-H & Gautrais J.
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    Plos One
    2018 Nov
  • Boussard A, Delescluse J, Escudero-Perez A*, Dussutour A*.
    Memory inception and preservation in slime moulds : the quest for a common mechanism
    Phil Trans Roy Soc B
    2018 Oct
  • Vogel D, Dussutour A, Deneubourg JL.
    Symmetry breaking and inter-clonal behavioral variability in slime molds
    Biol Let
    2018 Oct
  • Poissonnier LA, Arganda S, Simpson SJ, Dussutour A, Buhl J.
    Nutrition in extreme food specialists: an illustration using termites
    Functional Ecology
    2018 Sep
  • Lachaud J-P, Pérez-Flores J, Pérez-Lachaud G.
    Opportunistic predation by leaf-cutting ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) on a wounded Baird’s tapir (Mammalia: Perissodactyla: Tapiridae) in Mexico
    Fla Entomo
    2018 Sep

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Pierre LESNE (PhD in 2015), currently post doc at Texas A&M University, USA

David VOGEL (PhD in 2016), currently post doc at University of Adelaide, Australia

Kevin BERTHELOT (PhD in 2016), currently post doc at Arizona State University, USA

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