Chromatin and cell proliferation


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Team members

  • Martine BRIET
  • Virginie CHARASSON
  • Fabrice ESCAFFIT
  • Estelle NICOLAS
  Technical staff
  • Catherine CHAILLEUX
  • Lisa MUNIZ
  • Jérémie FAGES
  • Jérémie RISPAL




Our team is interested in the role and regulation of chromatin modifications and chromatin modifying enzymes in the control of mammalian cell proliferation and in genetic stability. Our aim is to understand the molecular bases of the setting up of specific genetic programs associated with cell proliferation or anti-proliferative processes (terminal differentiation, senescence) by chromatin modifiers. We are also investigating the involvement of these enzymes in genetic stability, focusing on the repair of DNA damages. For more information, please see details of our different projects ...


The « Chromatin and Cell Proliferation » group is managed since its creation in 2000 by Dr Didier Trouche. From 2000 to 2007, it belonged to the LBME (Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Eukaryotes), a laboratory from the CNRS, in Toulouse. In January 2007, the group moved to another CNRS laboratory, the LBCMCP (Laboratory of the Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cell Proliferation Control), then headed by Pr Bernard Ducommun. Since 1st janvier 2011 and the renewal of the teams of the department, Didier Trouche provides leadership of the LBCMCP.


The group is located on the University Paul Sabatier Campus in Toulouse, France. It also belongs to the FRBT Institute (Federation of Research in Biology of Toulouse).


Dr Didier Trouche
Université Paul Sabatier
Bat 4R3B1
118 route de Narbonne
31062 TOULOUSE Cedex
e-mail :
Phone : (+33) 5 61 55 62 10
Fax : (+33) 5 61 55 65 07


Histone demethylases and cell physiology
(M. Vandromme)

Non coding RNA and senescence
(E. Nicolas)

Transcriptional regulations depending on Tip60 complex
(M. Briet & F. Escaffit)

Chromatin and DNA repair
(Y. Canitrot)


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  • Salifou K, Ray S, Verrier L, Aguirrebengoa M, Trouche D, Panov KI, Vandromme M..
    The histone demethylase JMJD2A/KDM4A links ribosomal RNA transcription to nutrients and growth factors availability.
    Nat Commun.
    2016 Jan 7:10174
  • Taty-Taty GC, Chailleux C, Quaranta M, So A, Guirouilh-Barbat J, Lopez BS, Bertrand P, Trouche D, Canitrot Y..
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    Nucleic Acids Res.
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  • Lazorthes S, Vallot C, Briois S, Aguirrebengoa M, Thuret JY, St Laurent G, Rougeulle C, Kapranov P, Mann C, Trouche D, Nicolas E..
    A vlincRNA participates in senescence maintenance by relieving H2AZ-mediated repression at the INK4 locus.
    Nat Commun.
    2015 Jan 6:5971
  • Chevillard-Briet M, Quaranta M, Grézy A, Mattera L, Courilleau C, Philippe M, Mercier P, Corpet D, Lough J, Ueda T, Fukunaga R, Trouche D, Escaffit F..
    Interplay between chromatin-modifying enzymes controls colon cancer progression through Wnt signaling.
    Hum Mol Genet.
    2014 Apr 23(8):2120-31

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