Transcriptional co-activators in cell differentiation and in cancer

Team members

  • Aurélie QUILLIEN


Our main goal is to understand the role and the mechanisms of action of histone modifying enzymes that regulate transcription dependent on transcription factors controlling cell fate. We are more focusing on the Protein arginine methyltransferase family (PRMTs) and the acetyltransferases CBP (CREB Binding Protein) and p300 in cell differentiation and in cancer. Using gain and loss of function approaches we want to 1) identify and compare the role(s) of CBP and p300 at genome wide level in human primary myoblasts during differentiation 2) analyse the gene networks regulated by two PRMTs in human primary endothelial cells as well as in angiogenesis in zebrafish embryo.


PRMTs in physiological and pathological angiogenesis

Role(s) of CBP and p300 and of their methylation in myogenesis


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