Cell migration and cancer

Xiaobo WANG

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Team members

  • Karine BELGUISE
  Technical staff
  • Jiaying LIU
  • Lin CHEN
  • Amandine NICOLLE


Cell migration is critically important in both physiological and pathological processes. Aberration of cell migration can cause a variety of problems including birth defect, immune problem, and cancer metastasis. Cell migration is generally classified into two principle types, individual and collective cell migration. Compared with the well characterized individual cell migration, collective cell migration still remains poorly understood. The main objective of our team is to better understand the controlling mechanism of these different types of migration. In this purpose, we are using different models (Drosophila, cancer cells, mouse) combined with new biotechniques (optogenetic, FRET, caged system)and ex vivo/in vitro live cell imaging.


Actomyosin oscillation of collective cells

Intercellular communication during collective cell migration

Control of cancer invasion by the novel PKCtheta

Controlling mechanism of rotational movement during collective cell migration


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