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    Center for Integrative Biology

    The Center for Integrative Biology in Toulouse (CBI Toulouse) regroups five research departments that form a strong pole in post-genomic biology, with a total of about 400 researchers.

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    Recruitment of New Group Leaders in Microbiology

    Outstanding candidates at early career stage, of any nationality, are expected to develop competitive, independent research and meet the required criteria ...


    4th CRCA PhD Students Symposium

    This year again, the PhD students and postdocs from the CRCA are organizing a 1-day symposium in which they will present their research work.This year, the...

    The choreography of ribosomal DNA: its mobility allows its repair

    DNA double-strand breaks are amongst the most toxic lesions for the cell as they can cause cancer. Actively transcribed genes are more prone to undergo bre...

    The extrusion of cells remodels their tissue of origin

    Tissues are essentially made of epithelial cells that form monolayers. During development, cells can sometimes leave these monolayers through a process cal...

    Social intolerance is a consequence, not a cause, of dispersal in spiders

    Spiders start out social but later turn aggressive after dispersing and becoming solitary, according to a study publishing July 2 in the open-access journa...

    Bees and absolute numbers

    Honeybees are well-known for their remarkable cognitive abilities. They rely on their learning capacities to better identify the most profitable flowers. B...

    Cryo- electron microscopy to understand ribosome assembly

    To understand how ribosomal subunits are assembled, an international team including researchers from the LBME used different approaches integrating genetic...

    C/D RNAs protect the tRNA-methionine from cleavage by angiogenin

    Patrice Vitali and Tamas Kiss of the LBME have identified new C/D RNAs capable of guiding 2'-O-ribose methylation on a transfer RNA: the tRNA-methionine.In...

    A super-active mutant of RNA polymerase specialized in the synthesis of ribosomal RNA

    RNA polymerase I (Pol I) synthesizes the RNA components of ribosomes that produce proteins. Through various cellular, molecular, genetic and biochemical ap...

    A new force generation mechanism for modeling tissues

    A recent study, led by A. Ambrosini, M. Rayer, B. Monier, M. Suzanne of the LBCMCP, published in Developmental Cell provides experimental evidence that cel...

    Metformin promotes anxiolytic and antidepressant-like responses in insulin-resistant mice by decreasing circulating branched-chain amino acids

    A recent study, led by Bruno GUIARD (CRCA-CBI), provides experimental evidence that metformin, an oral anti diabetic, produces anxiolytic and antidepressan...

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