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Membres de l'équipe

  Soutien administratif  --
  • Julie BATUT
  • Frederic Beckouet
  • Kerstin Bystricky
  • Thomas CLOUAIRE
  • Jean-Marc DEVAUD
  • Pascale DUFOURCQ
  • Christian JOST
  • Gaëlle LEGUBE
  • Andreas MERDES
  • Marie-Christine MIQUEL
  • François PAYRE
  • Philippe Rousseau



     The CBI PhD International program was initiated in 2016 with the creation of CBI and integrated all PhD students. Ambition of the program is to create the community of well-trained, highly motivated and dynamic young researchers. The CBI PhD program committee, framing the program, is composed of stuff scientist representing all Institutes composing CBI and supported by CBI direction. Our aim is to help the PhD students to become a part of a scientific community, to guide them in their career choices and to participate in their training. Basing on stimulating and dynamic environment offered by CBI the program proposes an in-house training courses, seminar and symposium organizations, and social events. 



The CBI International PhD Program - PhD recruitment

1. PhD opportunity founded in Fabienne PITUELLO's group in collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse (IMT

on Bio-mathematical analysis of the Vertebrate embryo axis elongation - about this PhD project here.

We welcome applicants from any country that hold a Master’s degree or equivalent obtained by September 2018 in mathematics or a subject with a strong mathematical component (e.g. physics, bio-physics, bio-mathematics, engineering, computer science), possess skills in programming and have experience and/or demonstrate a strong interest for developmental biology and experimentations in biology.

Motivated students, interested in pursuing a 3 years PhD to be started in October 2018, should send the following documents to: 

  • A letter of motivation
  • A detailed CV, stating final grade and rank (if available)
  • Two adresses of past supervisors.

2. PhD opportunity founded in Pierre-Emmanuel GLEIZES's group on Structural characterization of human ribosome assembly by cryo-EM.

This work will be performed in a multidisciplinary group, which combines structural analysis of pre-ribosomal particles in vivo and in vitro, together with functional studies of the molecular mechanisms underlying ribosome synthesis - detailed description could be found here.

Motivated students, interested in pursuing a 3 years PhD to be started in October 2018, should send the following documents to: and

  • A letter of motivation
  • A detailed CV, stating final grade and rank (if available)
  • Two adresses of past supervisors.


Detailed description of the CBI PhD program program here, questions: 


The CBI PhD Mentoring !    chaired by Julie Batut has just been launched. Do not hesitate to contact Julie if you would like to become a mentor or you need advice.

Our mentoring program includes:

1. Individual meetings and discussions (at least monthly)
2. Round table sessions
Program for 2018
3. Career Workshop - October 2018

Mentoring is a timeless concept with roots in ancient history. The word “mentor” comes from The Odyssey by the Greek poet Homer. When Odysseus, King of Ithaca, sailed off with his army to fight in the Trojan War, he entrusted his friend Mentor to care for and educate his son, Telemachus. The word “mentor” eventually came to mean a trusted advisor, counselor, and friend.

The CBI Mentoring pairs new students with faculty mentors that match student interests and needs.

Mentors are: • Advisors, who have career experience and are willing to share their knowledge,
                      • Supporters, who provide emotional and moral encouragement,
                      • Tutors, who give specific feedback on one’s performance,
                      • Supervisors, who monitor their students’ academic and professional progress,
                      • Trainers, who teach students about professional responsibility,
                      • Sponsors, who are sources of information about opportunities and assist students in obtaining them, and
                      • Role models, who exhibit the qualities and ethical values that academics should posses. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (The National Institutes of Health,1999; Zelditch, 2001).
Let's meet the 14th of June 12h-14h Salle Vandel for round table discussion moderated by

Dominique MORELLO, Catherine DEMATTEIS, Pascale DUFOURCQ & Benjamin PORTAL on

"Communication, scientific popularization and how to create its own professional network".



LET'S PLAY proposed by Marie-Christine MiquelAndreas Merdes and Benjamin Portal

We invite you all to play and discuss social events, impact of science on our lives in English. For a next session we would like to organize something more trivial and funny with board games and pizzas!

 See you there!


The CBI PhD Integration Day 2017!  13/10/2017 in Toulouse

Thank you all for coming and participating! It was really a pleasure to meet you. We hope all that you will have a good time at CBI!

Special thanks for the second year PhD students from CBI who have prepared this exciting day (BRAVO!)




   in Toulouse, at University and in CBI...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ESOF JULY 9-14 2018 TOULOUSE  - TOULOUSE EUROPEAN CITY OF SCIENCE 2018 !

Following Stockholm in 2004, Munich in 2006, Barcelona in 2008, Turin in 2010, Dublin in 2012, Copenhagen in 2014 and Manchester in 2016, the city of Toulouse has been chosen to host for the first time in France this unique European event, which will take place from 9th to 14th July 2018. Hosting of ESOF brings to Toulouse the designation of "European City of Science".

Programme and registration will be displayed soon at EUROSCIENCE OPEN FORUM. Be a part of this internatinal and interdisciplinary event!


Alpha T  association of PhD biology students in Toulouse. Do not hesitate to viist their website and participate in upcoming events!




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