Morphogènes et spécification glial


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Membres de l'équipe

  • Philippe COCHARD
  • Cathy DANESIN
  • Bruno GLISE
  Soutien technique
  • Vanessa BOUGUETOCH
  • Nathalie ESCALAS
  • David OHAYON


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  • 2012 Jan Touahri Y., Escalas N., Benazeraf B., Cochard P., Danesin C. and Soula C. (2012). Sulfatase 1 promotes the motoneuron to oligodendrocyte fate switch by activating Shh signalling in Olig2 progenitors of the embryonic ventral spinal cord. J. Neurosci., 32(50):18018 –18034.
  • 2011 Jan Wojcinski A., Nakato H., Soula C. And Glise B. (2011). DSulfatase-1 fine-tunes Hedgehog patterning activity through a novel regulatory feedback loop. Dev Biol. , 358(1):168-80
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