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  • Karine BELGUISE
  Soutien technique
  • Valérie CADAMURO
  • Jiaying LIU
  • Anna POPKOVA
  Etudiant en Thèse
  • Lucie CHADELLE
  • Xiang QIN




  • 2013 Jan Ramel D, Wang X, Laflamme C, Montell DJ, Emery G. Rab11 regulates cell-cell communication during collective cell movements. (2013). Nat Cell Biol. 15(3):317-24.
  • 2012 Jan Belguise K, Milord S, Galtier F, Moquet-Torcy G, Piechaczyk M, Chalbos D. (2012). The PKCθ pathway participates in the aberrant accumulation of Fra-1 protein in invasive ER-negative breast cancer cells. Oncogene. 31(47):4889-97.
  • 2012 Jan *Guo Q, *Wang X (*co-first authors), Tibbitt MW, Anseth KS, Montell DJ, Elisseeff JH. Light activated cell migration in synthetic extracellular matrices. (2012). Biomaterials. 33(32):8040-6.
  • 2011 Jan He L, Wang X, Montell DJ. (2011). Shining light on Drosophila oogenesis: live imaging of egg development. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 21 (5):612-9.
  • 2010 Jan *He L, *Wang X (*co-first authors), Tang HL, Montell DJ. (2010). Tissue elongation requires oscillating contractions of a basal actomyosin network. Nat Cell Biol. 12(12):1133-42.

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