Modélisation de la dynamique des populations dans le néocortex


  • Alice DAVY
  • Thomas JUNGAS

The objective of our collaborative project is to cross-fertilize recent advancements in modelling and analysis of collective patterns in behavioral biology, contributed by statistical physics of non linear phenomena, with the latest developments in molecular and genetic analysis in the mouse in order to progress towards a unifying dynamical model of neocortex development. Our aim is to give a full quantitative account of the spatio-temporal dynamics of this complex system, understand the final patterns that are produced and offer an in silico testing platform.

This project is performed in collaboration with Jacques Gautrais (CBI Toulouse, Team Jeanson/Dussutour), Stéphane Blanco and Richard Fournier (both at LAPLACE Toulouse, Team GREPHE) who have expertise in mathematical modeling of animal behavior, non-linear dynamics of living systems and out-of-equilibrium systems.

Université Paul Sabatier
118 Route de Narbonne

31062 TOULOUSE Cedex

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