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Séminaires CBI de la semaine du 08-05-2017 au 14-05-2017

Lundi 08 Mai

Séminaire axe GD
Titre : Seminaire interne
* Salle Conférence IBCG

Mardi 09 Mai

Mikhail Benetah
Séminaire axe CDD
Titre : Internal seminar :"Differential regulation of bric-à-brac genes during leg drosophila morphogenesis"
* Salle Conférence Vandel
PhD program - Thomas Clouaire
Séminaire CBI
Titre : PhD program: Discussion on publication process and the role of editor
* Salle Conférence IBCG

Mercredi 10 Mai

Amirouche Sadoun
Séminaire axe NS
Titre : Séminaire Axe Neuro
* Salle Conférence Vandel


Title: Cognitive aging in the marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus): a behavioral study using a naturalistic-like approach

By Amirouche Sadoun1

MD, PhD student

Supervisor: Pascal GIRARD1,2

Senior researcher, PhD

1CerCo UMR5549 CNRS/UPS, Toulouse, France.
2 INSERM, Toulouse, France.

Marmoset monkey, a small New World primate, is increasingly used in several fields of research, particularly in neuroscience and behavioral studies. Our work aimed to investigate the effects of aging on different cognitive processes, by using two tasks designed to test learning abilities, executive processes and response strategies in a naturalistic-like approach. We used the method proposed by Gallistel et al. (2004) to determine early changes in learning curves and predict the age at which a relative abrupt cognitive decline may appear. Our study originally explored cognitive aging in the common marmoset. It reveals cognitive impairments related to inhibitory processes, cognitive flexibility, and spatial working memory for old and even in middle-aged (6 – 7 years old) individuals. In line with anatomical neurodegenerative features (amyloid plaques and hyperphosphorylated tau (Rodriguez-Callejas et al. 2016)), we propose the common marmoset as a promising model of primate cognitive aging in a naturalistic-like context.

Jeudi 11 Mai

Dr. Nathalie Morin
Séminaire axe CDD
Titre : A cellular tool to unravel mechanisms of microtubule bundling and coiling during proplatelet elongation
* Salle Conférence IBCG

Blood platelets are cytoplasts that derive from megakaryocytes. Upon maturation, these giant round polyploid cells elongate long cytoplasmic extensions called proplatelets, from which platelets are severed into the blood stream. Proplatelet elongation requires microtubule dynamics, bundling and sliding. However, understanding regulation of these mechanisms is hampered by the difficulty to work with megakaryocytes and as a consequence remains poorly understood. We developed a cell model that mimics, under engagement of alpha IIb beta3 haematopoietic integrin, several aspects of proplatelet elongation and cytoplast severing. Using this model, together with blood platelets and megakaryocytes, we studied the importance of posttranslational modifications of tubulin in proplatelet-like elongation.

Vendredi 12 Mai

Séminaire CBI
Titre : Transparent Publishing, Preprints & Open Science: how to share reproducible data
* Salle Conférence IBCG
PhD program / Bernd Pulverer
Séminaire CBI
Titre : PhD program - discussion with Bernd Pulverer
* Salle Conférence IBCG
Séminaire CBI
Titre : réunion 3RT
* Salle Conférence Vandel

Samedi 13 Mai

Dimanche 14 Mai

Université Paul Sabatier
118 Route de Narbonne

31062 TOULOUSE Cedex

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