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Center for Integrative Biology

Understanding the functioning of living organisms is the ambition of the Centre for Integrative Biology (CBI) in Toulouse. To achieve this goal, the CBI develops multidisciplinary, multi-scale approaches, from isolated molecules to whole organisms and animal societies, and uses numerous model organisms, from bacteria to humans.

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New Group Leaders

The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse (CBI-Toulouse, France)Recruits Group Leaders in Microbiology The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse...


Congratulations to Fabian Erdel, winner of the 2023 BINDER Innovation Prize awarded by the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ)

On 29 November 2023, Fabian Erdel (MCD-CBI) will receive the 2023 BINDER Innovation prize awarded from the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ).This prize...

Discovery of a new component in the construction of the envelope of enterobacteria: an enhanced potential for the screening of new antibiotics.

Enterobacteriaceae, Gram-negative bacilli found mainly in the intestinal flora of mammals, include species that represent a major cause of death from bacte...

Cancers, discovery of a chromatin compartment induced by DNA damage (aka the “D compartment”).

Biogenesis of translocations is a frequent cause of cancer. But how do they occur?Gaelle Legube (MCD-CBI), her team and collaborators have shown in an arti...

Congratulations to Magali Suzanne, winner of the biology prize awarded by the Louise Basset widow Jules Martin Foundation of the Académie des Sciences!

On 17 October 2023, Magali Suzanne (MCD-CBI) was awarded the biology prize of the Louise Basset widow Jules Martin Foundation of the Académie des Sciences...

Deception or collaboration: how do we behave when faced with online rating systems?

As a social animal, human beings communicate with and influence their fellow creatures by leaving digital traces on the Internet, in particular by using st...

The CNRS, Instant Science and the Academy of Toulouse launch the Escape Game "Recherche sous tension" (Research under stress), focusing on the scientific process.

Researchers are often called upon to provide insights into a wide range of social issues. Their contributions are based on a common principle that underpin...

« Derrière le blob, la recherche »: initial results!

The first analyses of the results of the « Derrière le blob, la recherche » citizen science project led by Audrey Dussutour (CRCA-CBI) will be presented...

Japanese delegation to visit the CBI on Monday 11 September 2023

As a side effect of the Rugby World Cup and the welcoming the Japanese team to Toulouse, a delegation from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, th...

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