Fabrication of 3D scaffolds to study the growth of intestinal cells

It is difficult to reproduce physiological conditions in a simple Petri dish. Reproducing culture conditions of intestinal cells requires a complex three-dimensional environment. To be able to study their growth, researchers from LAAS-CNRS and Arnaud Besson's team from LBCMCP are printing high-resolution 3D culture scaffolds. Published in the journal Biomaterials, this work shows that cells grown on these 3D culture models behave in a similar way to intestinal cells.

Reference :

Justine Creff, Rémi Courson, Thomas Mangeat, Julie Foncy, Sandrine Souleille, C. Thibault, Arnaud Besson, Laurent Malaquin.

Fabrication of 3D scaffolds reproducing intestinal epithelium topography by high-resolution 3D stereolithography.

Biomaterials, Volume 221, November 2019, 119404. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biomaterials.2019.119404

Contact :

Arnaud Besson