Engine controlling the size of DNA loops on chromosomes

The three-dimensional (3D) organization of genomes undergoes profound changes during the cell cycle to ensure the proper functioning of biological processes such as transcription, DNA repair and chromosome segregation. Cohesin, a ring-shaped protein complex, is one of the key players at the basis of this organization in many species.

Beckouët/Gadal's team (MCD-CBI) and their collaborators from Koszul’s team (Institut Pasteur, Paris) have characterized the molecular mechanisms that control the positioning of chromatin loops along chromosomes by cohesin.


© Nathalie Bastié

© Nathalie Bastié

Figure : Regulation of genome DNA loop expansion by cohesin complex subunits. Scc2 stimulates DNA extrusion activity through the cohesin ring. Acetylation of the Smc3 subunit by Eco1 leads to stabilization of Pds5 on cohesin and consequently to inhibition of DNA loop expansion.


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