Error-free repetition

Ribosomal DNA is composed of repeated sequences and is the most transcribed genomic region. Transcription of rDNA is essential for cellular homeostasis and cell proliferation. Numerous pathologies such as cancer and neurological disorders are associated with defective rDNA repeats maintenance. The mechanisms involved in the control of rDNA integrity involve major DNA repair pathways such as Non-Homologous End Joining and Homologous Recombination. However, how they are controlled and orchestrated is poorly understood.

Using various approaches including CRISPR-mediated genome editing, mass spectrometry and fluorescence imaging, J. Fages , C. Chailleux , D. Trouche , D. Trouche , Y. Canitrot of the LBCMCP and collaborators from the Cancer Research Centre of the Université de Laval in Canada have demonstrated that the JMJD6 protein is an important player in maintaining the genetic integrity of nucleolar DNA. This work is published in the journal PLoS Genetics.


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JMJD6 participates in the maintenance of ribosomal DNA integrity in response to DNA damage.
Fages J, Chailleux C, Humbert J, Jang SM, Loehr J, Lambert JF, Côté J, Trouche D, Canitrot Y
PLoS Genetics  29 juin 2020.


Contact : Yvan Canitrot