Control of neuronal identity in the zebrafish

Patrick Blader

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Team members

  • Pascale Dufourcq
  • Julie Batut
  • Patrick Blader
  • Elise Cau
  • Frederique Gaits-Iacovoni
  • Myriam Roussigne
  Technical staff
  • Sophie Polès
  Master student
  • Vincent Demont


The team has a long-standing interest in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of the nervous system using the zebrafish embryo as a model. We are using a complementary set of molecular, genetic and imaging strategies to address topics including how proneural transcription factors coordinate neurogenesis and morphogenesis in the developing olfactory placode, how intercellular signalling cascades interact to specify different neuronal subtypes in the pineal gland, and how left-right asymmetry is establish in the brain. More recently, we have begun to explore how the pineal gland regulates a set of simple light-dependent behaviours.


Modelling Ribosomopathies in zebrafish

Development and function of the pineal gland, a simplified retina.

Establishing left-right asymmetry brain asymmetry

Proneural gene function & olfactory placode development


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QUILLIEN Aurélie PhD Student

MADELAINE Romain PhD Student

GARRIC Laurence PhDStudent/Post-doc FRM

SAPEDE Dora  Post-doctoral Fellow

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