Transcriptional control of cell fate specification by Mediator complex subunits during development

Team members

  • Muriel Boube
  Associate professor
  • Emmanuelle Guillou
  Technical staff
  • Sandra Bernat-fabre
  • Denis Jullien
  PhD student
  • Adeline Payet


The conserved multiprotein Mediator (MED) complex links DNA-bound transcription factors to RNA polymerase II (PolII). Despite a general role of Mediator in regulating nearly all PolII-dependent genes, studies from our and other labs have shown that a half of the 30 MED subunits have specific functions. Consistently, many human diseases have been linked to MED dysfunctions. Whereas most studies have been done from cultured cells, our team takes advantage of the Drosophila genetic model to investigate the molecular bases underlying the functional specificity of dedicated MED subunits in the transcriptional control of cell fate specification in-vivo.




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