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The CBI still mobilized against the Covid-19 outbreak : see the video of the Crowdfight platform set up by the CRCA. In addition, CBI has loaned two 96-well qPCR units to medical analysis laboratories for the screening of SARS-CoV-2.

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New Group Leaders

The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse (CBI) launches its annual call for the recruitment of new group leaders. All the information is here...


Lead pollution, even at very low doses, impairs bee learning

Environmental pollutants have many deleterious effects on biodiversity, even at very low doses. Heavy metals are no exception. In this study published in t...

Mini-brains for cancer research

In this study published in the journal Cancer Letters, MA. Fawal, T Jungas and A. Davy from the MCD laboratory, show that it is possible to eliminate the c...

Congratulations to Antoine WYSTRACH !

The bronze medal of the CNRS has been awarded to Antoine Wystrach, CNRS researcher at CRCA. This medal rewards the first work of a promising researcher in...

Size matters for the fluidity of DNA condensates!

The genomic DNA in our cells is stored in a compact and condensed form. The mechanisms of condensation as well as the properties of the condensates that re...

DNA loops at the service of genome repair

Following the appearance of a double-strand break in the DNA, the chromatin surrounding this damage is modified over a large area of approximately one mill...

Stay focus and stay in shape despite developmental hazards

How shapes are reproducibly sculpted from one individual to another in nature is a fascinating question. This article by Mr. Suzanne's team from the MCD la...

Complexity of termite nests results from topological defects

Termite nest of the genus Apicotermes is one of the most complex architectures ever built by social insects. To understand the mechanisms involved in the m...

Identification of a vascular niche in Drosophila. New parallels with mammals in the control of hematopoiesis

Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs) in the bone marrow can self-renew and give rise to different types of circulating blood cells. Maintenance ...

Congratulations to Anna Mattout and Xiaobo Wang, winners in 2020 of a support from the Canceropole Grand Sud-Ouest for respectively the "Emergence of Genome and Cancer Dynamics Axis projects" and the "Emergence models and tools" call

Anna Mattout with Dylan Andrieux and Arnaud Debernardi, MCD unit, CBI ToulouseIs the RNA binding complex LSM2-8 a natural Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor?Polyc...

Hackatrack Theme Day at CBI

Organized within the framework of the Technological Network of Multidimensional Fluorescence Photonic Microscopy for Transversal and Interdisciplinary Init...

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