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The CBI still mobilized against the Covid-19 outbreak : see the video of the Crowdfight platform set up by the CRCA. In addition, CBI has loaned two 96-well qPCR units to medical analysis laboratories for the screening of SARS-CoV-2.

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Year of Biology 2021-2022

Organized by the CNRS and the French Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Year of Biology aims to bring the worlds of teaching and research closer ...


A new RNA chaperone and an RNA helicase accompany the birth of the large ribosome subunit

In eukaryotic cells, the molecular events underlying the assembly of the precursor particles of the large ribosomal subunit remain poorly understood.In two...

Congratulations to Audrey Dussutour, first winner of the CNRS Mediation in Science Medal

The CNRS Medal for Scientific Mediation rewards men and women, scientists or research support staff, for their actions, whether one-time or long-term, pers...

A mentoring program for young female PhD students

Since 2015, a national mentoring program devised by the Femmes & Sciences association has been supporting more than 300 female doctoral students at the daw...

Artificial intelligence approach helps map new cancer therapeutic targets

In the DNA molecule, the formation of secondary G-quadruplexes (or G4) can lead to genome instability by creating mutations. These G4s are currently being ...

When chaos generates order between cells

During embryonic development, a single cell will give rise to hundreds of thousands of specialized cells organized into tissues and functional organs.By fo...

Discovering the sense of smell, with Julie Batut

Julie Batut (MCD-CBI) has chosen a Lego® construction to illustrate her work on the development of the olfactory sensory organ in the zebrafish embryo.Her...

Is DNA a language like any other ?

Comparable to a language, DNA carries and transmits messages expressed by our genes. This massive, coded genetic information is deciphered and read by scie...

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