Coupling between the RNA & protein decay machineries in Thermococcales


  • Béatrice Clouet D´orval
  • Mael Ansart-Touron
  • Manon Batista
  • Marie Bouvier
  • Isabelle Canal
  • Régine Capeyrou
  • Louanne Hauret-Clos
  • Marta Kwapisz
  • Marion Tassoni


To elucidate how the RNA and protein quality control are coupled and coordinated, we aim at demonstrating that the proteasome machinery can be directly engaged in ribosome disassembling and degradation.

Collaborators :

•B. Franzetti  IBS, CNRS, Grenoble, France

•D. Flament   LM2E UMR 6197 UBO, Brest, France

•M. Jebbar     LM2E UMR 6197 UBO, Brest, France

•C. Plisson-Chastang CBI, CNRS-UPS, Toulouse, France




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