France Poland Symposium 2019


In the context of the centenary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between France and Poland, 2019 has been declared "French-Polish Scientific Year". In this regard, this Symposium is organised to deepen and enrich cooperation between research institutes in Poland and the research centres constituting the Fédération de recherche en biologie de Toulouse (CBI and IPBS).





09:00 am - Coffee reception and registration of participants

09:30 am - Introduction to the symposium and French-Polish scientific year by Dr. Isabelle Saves, Head of international affairs

09:35 am - Lecture by Dr. Hedia Marrakchi (IPBS, CNRS-University of Toulouse - France)
10:00 am - Lecture by Dr. Przemysław Płociński (Polish Academy of Sciences, Łódź - Poland) 
10:30 am - Lecture by Dr. Damian Trojanowski (University of Wrocław - Poland) 
11:00 am - Lecture by Dr. Manuel Campos (LMGM-CBI, CNRS-University of Toulouse - France)
11:30 am - Lecture by Prof. Jarosław Dziadek (Polish Academy of Sciences, Łódź - Poland) 

The afternoon will be dedicated to discussion with IPBS and CBI research groups and core facilities.


Contact: Hédia Marrakchi (

Note for visitors: Please come with a valid identity card

Université Paul Sabatier
118 Route de Narbonne

31062 TOULOUSE Cedex

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