Gut Development and Homeostasis

Denis Krndija

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Our research is aimed towards understanding the regulatory principles of epithelial renewal in the mammalian gut — how this astonishingly dynamic tissue is initially established during development, and how it is maintained in adult tissue homeostasis, using the mouse gut as a model.

We focus on the regulatory role of mechanical forces in establishment and maintenance of epithelial turnover and integrity, integrating cell- and tissue-level mechanics with the physiological context of the mammalian gut.

Our experimental approach combines live tissue imaging (in vivo and ex vivo) with genetic, pharmacological and force perturbations and theoretical modelling.

We welcome applications from prospective postdoc and PhD candidates, with a strong background in cell & developmental biology. 
Postdoc candidates should send their application including CV, and statement of motivation and research interests to denis.krndija[at]



Establishment of epithelial renewal during gut development

Maintenance of gut epithelial renewal and integrity

Mechanobiology of rare intestinal cell types


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Anciens membres

Amalia Ferran, M2 student (Jan-Jun 2024)
Chloé Jessu, M1 student (Jan-Apr 2023)
Baptiste Vigier, M1 student (Jan-Mar 2022)
Salomé Neuvendel, M2 student (Jan-Jun 2022)


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