Cell dynamics and tissue mechanics during epithelial-mesenchymal transition


  • Eric Theveneau
  • Cathy Danesin
  • Bruno Glise

This computational project focuses on modification of cell behavior and epithelium architecture during EMT. We are interested in what drives normal epithelial growth and what changes in cell behavior are necessary and sufficient to promote EMT and cell extrusion.

See Ferreira et al, Plos Computational 2019; Danesin et al Cells & Dev 2021 and Plunder et al BioRXiv 2023


On-going collaborations:

As. Prof. Sara Merino-Aceituno - University of Vienna.

Dr. Steffen Plunder - Kyoto University / ASHBI.

Dr. Marina Ferreira - CNRS, Toulouse.

Dr Isabelle Migeotte - Brussels, IRIBHM.

Dr Roland LeBorgne - IGRD, Rennes.





Other funding : Fondations RITC and Toulouse Cancer Santé

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