• Magali Suzanne
  • Corinne Benassayag
  • Martine Cazales
  • Meritxell Font Noguera
  • Tatiana Merle
  • Bruno Monier
  • Marianne Montemurro

The Apoptosensor: a method to follow apoptotic cell dynamics

In order to characterize apoptotic cell dynamics in the developing leg epithelium, we adapted a method to positively mark apoptotic cells in living tissue to Drosophila. These reporters (based on 3 different fluorophores) allow the specific visualization of apoptotic cells directly within living tissues, without any post-acquisition processing.

Link to the article: Schott et al, 2017 Development

Tyssue: a epithelium simulation library

                The tyssue Python library seeks to provide a unified interface to implement bio-mechanical models of living tissues. Its main focus is on vertex based epithelium models. tyssue allows to model the mechanical behavior of 2D, apical 3D or full 3D epithelia based on the numerical resolution of the equations of motion for the mesh vertices. We contribute to the development of this library that has been developed by Guillaume Gay from the Turing Center in Marseille.

Link to the article: Theis et al, 2021 Joss


RIM: Super-resolution on living samples

Current super-resolution microscopy (SRM) methods suffer from an intrinsic complexity that might curtail their routine use in cell biology. We contribute to the development of a new method based on random illumination microscopy (RIM), developed by Thomas Mangeat at the CBI, that increases live imaging resolution in x, y and z, avoids tissue optical aberration in depth and is compatible with multicolorlive-cell imaging over extended periods of time.

Link to the article: Mangeat et al, 2021 Cell Reports Methods

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