Signalisation calcique


  • Alice Davy
  • Christophe Audouard
  • Delphine Boudet
  • Eloise Bruno
  • Clemence Debacq
  • Lea Durand
  • Thomas Jungas
  • Catherine Leclerc
  • Isabelle Neant
  • David Ohayon
  • Sulov Saha

Calcium (Ca2+) is a crucial second messenger that regulates many cell functions, among which are cell fate specification, proliferation and differentiation both in normal and pathological situations. Ca2+ signals are characterized by variations in the concentration of the intracellular Ca2+, by the spatial source used to generate a Ca2+ signal and by the kinetics of the signals. All these parameters constitute a code that determines the downstream cellular response. Our project is to understand how Ca2+ controls the specification of neural progenitors in the developing cerebral neocortex. This project is based on the hypothesis that the spatio-temporal dynamics of the Ca2+ signals promotes specific transcriptional responses associated with specific cellular fate.

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