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Séminaires CBI de la semaine du 29-05-2023 au 04-06-2023

Lundi 29 Mai

CODE séminaire interne
Titre : seminaire code
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

Mardi 30 Mai

Wylie Ahmed
STADE séminaire public
Titre : Emergent behavior in active biological matter
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

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Amélie Baud (Centre for Genomic Regulation Barcelona, Spain)
NEUROBIOLOGY séminaire public
Titre : Genes of social partners influence behaviour
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

Our social partners influence our behaviour, our health and wellbeing, and we influence theirs – this much we know already. What has been missing is recognition that there is a genetic basis for this: our behaviour can be influenced by our social partners' genetic makeup. We demonstrated this first in outbred laboratory mice, looking at the behaviour of focal mice and finding associations with the genetic makeup of their cage mates. Subsequent studies in humans have reported similar “indirect genetic effects" from mother to child (above and beyond the effect of inherited alleles), between husband and wife, and even between children in a class. Our lab is now trying to dissect the underlying mechanisms in mice, that is to say identify specific genes whose expression in cage mates influences the behaviour of focal mice. We also ask whether it is always behavioural interactions that mediate indirect genetic effects or whether transfers of pathogens or commensal bacteria, through allo-coprophagy in mice, might play a role for example.

SYSMIC séminaire interne
Titre : SysMic Seminars
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

Mercredi 31 Mai

Jeudi 01 Juin

RNA séminaire public
Titre : To be announced
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)
Bertrand Bénazéraf (CBI) Jelena Kolosnjaj-Tabi (IPBS)
Titre : MechanoClub
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

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Vendredi 02 Juin

Claire Geslin Laboratoire de Biologie et Ecologie des Ecosystèmes marins Profonds, Plouzané
CBI séminaire public
Titre : Annulation du séminaire de Mme CLAIRE GESLIN
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

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Samedi 03 Juin

Dimanche 04 Juin

Université Paul Sabatier
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31062 TOULOUSE Cedex

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