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Séminaires CBI de la semaine du 03-01-2022 au 09-01-2022

Lundi 03 Janvier

Olivier GADAL Team GADAL
CODE séminaire interne
Titre : « RNA polymerase I mutant affect ribosomal RNA processing and impact ribosomal DNA stability »
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (Hors-COVID = 182 pers., COVID = 91 pers.)

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Mardi 04 Janvier

François Briant & Antoine Puisay (Institut Polynésien de Biomimétisme, Tahiti)
BEHAVIOR séminaire public
Titre : Coral reefs and biomimicry in French Polynesia
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (Hors-COVID = 182 pers., COVID = 91 pers.)

The Polynesian Institute for Biomimicry (IPB) aims to raise awareness on biomimicry, and develop its use in French Polynesia, among inhabitants and visitors, individuals and businesses. With around one hundred active members, IPB offers initiation to biomimicry along three main axes : 
1-Discovery and observation of nature and its functions through diving, 
2-In-depth training in biomimicry techniques and methodology, 
3-Assistance in the development of bio-inspired products and services. During this meeting between IPB and CBI, we will present our work carried out since 2018 during the conception, design and in situ testing of bio-inspired coral nurseries. We will also explore together the richness of coral ecosystems in terms of biodiversity (biological and functional). We will then focus our attention on some examples of specific observable functions, integrating movement, communication and behaviors. 

Mercredi 05 Janvier

Jeudi 06 Janvier

Vendredi 07 Janvier

Colette DenisRenal Fibrosis Lab, I2MC, INSERM
Autre séminaire
Titre : « L’ignorance du sexe en recherche biomédicale »
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (Hors-COVID = 182 pers., COVID = 91 pers.)

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Samedi 08 Janvier

Dimanche 09 Janvier

Université Paul Sabatier
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