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Séminaires CBI de la semaine du 11-03-2024 au 17-03-2024

Lundi 11 Mars

Mardi 12 Mars

CELLDYN séminaire interne
Titre : PICS Cell Dyn - Team Krndjia
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)
Liang Li (Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, Konstanz)
BEHAVIOR séminaire public
Titre : Schooling fish: from biology to robotics and back
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

With over half a billion years behind them, fish have evolved to swim with remarkable efficiency, agility, and stealth in their three-dimensional aquatic world. Given this, it's natural that engineers often look to fish for inspiration when developing efficient underwater propulsion systems. Over the years, roboticists have been inspired by these biological marvels to design fish-like robots that mimic real fish in terms of morphology, locomotion, movement, and hydrodynamics. Interestingly, the trend has recently shifted from merely drawing inspiration from biology to using robotics as a tool for better understanding biological processes. In this talk, I will first discuss our approach to designing and controlling these robotic fish, rooted in the concept of bio-inspiration. I will then provide examples of how we use both real and virtual robots to explore the mechanisms of collective behavior in schooling fish. To conclude, I'll offer a glimpse into my current and future endeavors in the realms of robotics, hydrodynamics, and biology.

SYSMIC séminaire interne
Titre : SysMic internal seminar
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

Mercredi 13 Mars

Jeudi 14 Mars

Autre séminaire
Titre : Mentoring Programme
IBCG | Salle Conférence (100 pers.)
RNA séminaire public
Titre : PICS RNA external
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

Vendredi 15 Mars

To be determined
CBI séminaire public
Titre : Friday CBI seminar
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)
CODE séminaire public
Titre : Séminaire PICS CODE
IBCG | Salle Conférence (100 pers.)

Samedi 16 Mars

Dimanche 17 Mars

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