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Séminaires CBI de la semaine du 19-09-2022 au 25-09-2022

Lundi 19 Septembre

CODE séminaire interne
Titre : Séminaire CODE
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

Mardi 20 Septembre

BEHAVIOR séminaire interne
Titre : The control of movement by the projection of the visual field
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

Movement is a fundamental property of living organisms. The individuals provide an adapted response to their environment by the perception of external stimuli. Vision, in particular, is crucial in many species to acquire spatial information directly. How the integration of environmental information controls the movements of organisms? I will present my CNRS project that couples generalized models and virtual reality experiments. This work should provide a coherent framework for understanding social and non-social behavior, providing a guideline for constructing virtual stimuli, and linking models to neuroscience knowledge.

Mercredi 21 Septembre

Jeudi 22 Septembre

Andreas MERDES & Keying GUO
CELLDYN séminaire interne
Titre : Microtubule organization in epidermal keratinocytes
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

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Vendredi 23 Septembre

Alessandra Polissi and Peter van Ulsen
SYSMIC séminaire public
Titre : Biogenesis and the remodeling of the Gram-negative bacterial envelope
4R4-RDC | Salle Conférence (182 pers.)

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Peter van Ulsen (associate professor at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam) and Alessandra Polissi (professor at the Università di Milano) will tell us about how bacteria transport lipids and proteins across the envelope, generating a multi-layer barrier that can dynamically adapt to a moltitude of environmental conditions and that can also protect bacteria from antibiotics. They will also tell us about their research on screening and characterizing new antibiotics that can directly interfere with the formation of the bacterial protective envelope.


The program is the following (also attached):

10:30 Peter van Ulsen  "Autotransporter Hbp as model, vehicle and target"

11:15 Alessandra Polissi "Peptidoglycan remodeling as a strategy to survive outer membrane stress in Escherichia coli "

Samedi 24 Septembre

Dimanche 25 Septembre

Université Paul Sabatier
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