Impact of the universally conserved ribonucleases from the β-CASP family on archaeal RNA metabolism


  • Béatrice Clouet D´orval
  • Manon Batista
  • Marie Bouvier
  • Isabelle Canal
  • Régine Capeyrou
  • Marta Kwapisz


This project aims at understand the relevance of the interplay of β-CASP RNases in RNA processing pathways. We are in the process of identifying their protein networks, of deciphering their organization in macromolecular complexes and of determining their respective ribonucleolytic and RNA helicase enzymatic activities.


•G. Fichant    CBI, CNRS-UPS, Toulouse, France

•D. Flament   LM2E UMR 6197 UBO, Brest, France

•C. Gaspin     UBIA laboratory, INRA, Auzeville-Tolosan, France

•M. Jebbar     LM2E UMR 6197 UBO, Brest, France

•L. Mourey     IPBS, CNRS-UPS, France



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