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Geocatching (+ beers) in Pech David parc (July 2023)

Flora is now Dr. D’Oliveira Da Silva (December 2022)

Anna's PhD defence (November 2022)

FENS meeting, Paris, July 2022

Lionel Dahan, Journées de la Fondation Alzheimer

First DECAD-REMEMBeR day in almost a decade (June 2022)

AD/PD 2022 Barcelona

Introducing Dr Sayegh (April 2022)


Olfaction and Mood (Semaine du cerveau, Toulouse 2022) 

From « petit Seb » to Docteur Bullich

How does high fat diet impact mood (Journées Francophones de Nutrition, Lille 2021) 

Basile (Mike Brant) introducing the next speaker  (Cahors, France, GDR Mémoire 2021)

Sebastien presenting his poster on the role of apelin in HFD-induced emotional and cognitive disorders (Lisbon, ECNP 2021)

Flora presenting her poster on the role of nociceptin in stress-induced memory deficit (Lisbon for the ECNP 2021)

Lionel, Bruno, Flora, Sébastien et Basile fly to Lisbon for the ECNP 2021

Célia found the solution ! 

Clémence is trying to solve a riddle during the escape game 

First lab meeting post-COVID in our new building (CBI, CRCA, Toulouse, September 2021)

Cédrick explaining our research to Jean-Claude Ameisen during his visit to the lab, november 2019

SfN 2019, Chicago, great success for Christophe

EBBS 2019, Prague, with Claire, Cécrick and Sébastien

Congratulations Claire who was awarded the 2019 Marie-Paule Burrus Prize from FRM

Ready to visit our new building

Welcome Flora and Guillaume, our new 2019 PhD students

NeuroFrance 2019 with Fares and Benjamin

Vanessa brilliantly defended her PhD work. Congratulations Dr. Cattaud!

Welcome Fares and Sébastien, our new 2018 PhD students

FENS meeting 2018, Berlin, with Laure and Lionel

Adam’s farewell lunch potluck, june 2018

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