Collective Animal Behaviour


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Team members

  • Richard BON
  • Christian JOST
  • Pierre MORETTO
  Technical staff
  • Gérard LATIL
  • Mathieu MOREAU
  • Ramon ESCOBEDO
  • Laetitia CLAVERIE
  • Guillaume FUMERY
  • Lijie GUO
  • Valentin LECHEVAL


The main objective of our team is to understand the behavioural and cognitive mechanisms underlying collective behaviours and collective decisions in groups of animals. Our aim is to identify the mechanisms that allow a group of animals to coordinate their actions and to provide adaptive collective responses to the changes occurring in its environment, i.e. to display collective intelligence. We try to understand in particular how the ability of a group to solve problems collectively varies with the properties of the individuals it is composed of. The general methodology of our work is based on a tight combination of experimental and modeling approaches.


SMARTMASS : Enhancing Collective Intelligence in Human Groups


Behavioral mechanisms and interactions involved in collective decisions

Biomechanical principles involved in individual and collective behaviors

Behavioral mechanisms and interactions involved in coordinated group motion and collective responses to perturbations

Behavioral mechanisms and interactions involved in collective nest construction


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