Dynamics and disorders of ribosome synthesis

Pierre-Emmanuel Gleizes

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  • Pierre-Emmanuel Gleizes
  • Marie-Françoise O'donohue
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  • Sarah Le Page
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In every living organism, the production of ribosomes, the protein factories of the cell, is central to gene expression and cell metabolism. Tackling the high complexity of ribosome synthesis in human cells has been made more urgent by the recent linkage of congenital diseases and cancer predisposition to ribosome production defects. Our group focuses on the mechanisms of ribosome synthesis in human cells under several angles: pre-ribosomal RNA processing, nuclear export of pre-ribosomal particles, structure of the pre-ribosomes. This mechanistic framework allows us to characterize the functional impact of mutations affecting ribosome biogenesis in rare diseases (ribosomopathies), especially Diamond-Blackfan anemia.


Cell cycle control and ribosome synthesis

Ribosome biogenesis disorders and ribosomopathies

Visualizing the translocation of pre-ribosomal particles through the nuclear pore complex

Determination of the 3D structure of human pre-40S particles by electron microscopy

Specific mechanisms of pre-ribosomal RNA processing in human cells


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PhDs: Jacques Rouquette, Almass-Houd Aguissa-Touré, Coralie Carron, Natacha Larburu, Ramtin Shayan, Laura Plassart, Maxime Aubert

Post-docs: Daniel Bacqueville, Milena Preti, Anirban Chakraborty

Researchers: Nicole Gas, Isabelle Léger, Jacqueline Depeyre, Guillaume Stahl, Célia Plisson-Chastang, Simon Lebaron

Technical staff: Valérie Choesmel-Cadamuro, Marc Delubac, Marlene Faubladier, Dana Rinaldi







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