Cell-cell communication in the mammalian nervous system

Alice Davy

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Team members

  • Alice Davy
  • Catherine Leclerc
  • Marc Moreau
  • Isabelle Neant
  Technical staff  Postdoctoral fellow
  • Mohamad-ali Fawal
  PhD student
  • Melanie Ane-mirouse
  Master student
  • Anne-louise Le dorze
  • Alexandre Payant


Research in the team focuses on elucidating mechanisms that govern development of the nervous system and how genetic alterations of this complex developmental program may lead to brain disease in the adult. 
We investigate cell-to-cell communication via the Eph/ephrin signaling pathway, mostly in the context of neurogenesis and neural progenitor specification and maintenance. Our studies combine in vivo experimentations on genetic mouse models, ex vivo experimentations on tissue explants and in vitro cultures of primary neural progenitors, brain tumor stem cells and cell lines.  


Available PhD project in mechanics of neocortex development

Available PhD project in neurogenesis and metabolism

Calcium signaling

Elaborating a theoretical framework of neocortex development

Exploring parallels between neural progenitors and brain tumor stem cells

Investigating specification of neural progenitor fates


  • Kischel, A. Audouard, C. Fawal, MA and Davy, A..
    EphrinB2 paces neuronal production in the developing neocortex
    BMC Dev Biol
    2020 May
  • Fawal MA and Davy A.
    Impact of Metabolic Pathways and Epigenetics on Neural Stem Cells.
    Epigenetics Insights
    2019 Jan
  • Isabelle Néant, Jacques Haiech, Marie-Claude Kilhoffer, Francisco J. Aulestia, Marc Moreau, Catherine Leclerc.
    Ca2+-dependent transcriptional repressors KCNIP and regulation of prognosis genes in glioblastoma.
    Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience
    2018 Dec
  • Aulestia FJ, Néant I, Dong J, Haiech J, Kilhoffer MC, Moreau M, Leclerc C..
    Quiescence status of glioblastoma stem-like cells involves remodelling of Ca2+ signalling and mitochondrial shape.
    Scientific Reports
    2018 Jul
  • Fawal MA, Jungas T, Kischel A, Audouard C, Iacovoni JS and Davy A.
    Crosstalk between one carbon metabolism, eph signaling and histone methylation promotes neural stem cells differentiation
    Cell Reports
    2018 Jun Access the recommendation on F1000Prime

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KISCHEL Anthony (PhD 2015-2019)

LAUSSU Julien (PhD 2011-2015)> postdoc CRBM, Montpellier, France

ARVANITIS Constandina (postdoc 2007-2010, CR1 2010-2014)> I2MC, Toulouse

LUXEY Maëva (PhD 2007-2011)> Project leader Basel University, Switzerland

BEHAR Annie, AI (CDD 2008-2010)


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