Imprinted small non-coding RNAs

Jérôme Cavaille

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Team members

  • Jérôme Cavaille
  Technical staff
  • Marie-line Cavaille
  • Virginie Marty
  PhD student
  • Jade Hebras
  Master student
  • Celia Scribe
  • Celia Lecacheux


Our research focuses on hundreds small noncoding RNAs belonging to the microRNA and C/D snoRNA families. These genes map to chromosomal regions regulated by genomic imprinting, an epigenetic phenomenon by which a few genes are mono-allelically expressed in a parent-of-origin specific manner. The rationale of our research is to explore the impact of recently evolved, imprinted small RNA genes on the evolution, expression and function of mammalian genomes, including in pathological contexts such as the Prader-Willi syndrome.


Imprinted C/D snoRNA genes at the PWS locus

Imprinted miRNA genes at the Dlk1-Dio3 locus

Imprinted miRNA genes at the C19MC locus


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