Genome Dynamics: Stability, Transfer and Integration with the Cell-Cycle

François Cornet

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Team members

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  • Patricia Siguier
  • Kenza Boubekeur
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  • Jérôme Rech
  • Luu Le Phan Thai
  • Carine Pagès
  PhD student
  • Romane Dusfour-Castan
  • Perrine Revoil
  • Corentin Blanchais
  • Iris Veyrier
  • Charlotte Hall
  Master student
  • Meyline Lubouchkine
  • Michael Goode
  • Monica Ngoussou Sabivounda


Bacterial genomes are composed of a main chromosome and a plethora of diverse secondary replicons. These latter are the main drivers of genome plasticity by horizontal gene transfer, allowing bacterial adaptation, including acquisition of virulence and drugs multi-resistance.

Our group studies the maintenance functions of bacterial replicons in diverse bacterial species, their integration and their crosstalk with gene transfer and cell cycle dynamics. Combining molecular genetics, synthetic biology, biochemistry and fluorescence microscopy with bioinformatics and mathematical modeling, we are investigating the mechanisms and diversity of maintenance functions, the control of the cell-cycle and the control of gene transfer by conjugation and integration, including in the model gut microbiota of the worm C. elegans.



Diversity of ParABS systems

Mechanisms of Bacterial DNA segregation

Interplay between bacterial segregation and conjugation: StbAB

Genesis and maintenance of bacterial chromosomes

Internal control of the Xer recombination machine


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