Chromatin and Gene Expression

Kerstin Bystricky

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Team members

  • Kerstin Bystricky
  • Anne-Claire Lavigne
  • Nicolas Tanguy Le Gac
  Technical staff
  • Fatima Moutahir
  PhD student
  • Lea Costes


Do chromatin structure, chromosome motion and genome organization regulate nuclear processes? To address this question we investigate the functional relationship between the location of a gene, its inherent dynamics and its response to stimuli. We analyze epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression in mammary tumor cells, investigating in particular the role of histone variants and 3D folding of chromatin domains at estrogen receptor target genes. We develop techniques to visualize and image DNA in living cells, at the level of single loci and the whole genome, at high resolution, and methods to quantitatively analyze and model the data. Our challenge is experimentally acting upon structure to probe impact on function.

the group:


Chromatin dynamics and regulation of gene expression

Cancer chromatin signatures – role of histone variants

Chromosome dynamics and DNA repair


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Résultat de recherche d'images pour Kerstin BYSTRICKY, 2019 membre senior


Résultat de recherche d'images pour International 4D Nucleome action CA18127




Hafida SELLOU, postdoc 4/17-4/18
Haitham SHABAN, postdoc 8/15-7/18
Franck GALLARDO, postdoc 06/10-12/13
Mathieu DALVAI, postdoc 10/08-12/12

PhD students:

Thomas GERMIER, PhD 11/2018 (PhD student 10/15-11/18)
Sylvain AUDIBERT, PhD 11/2017 (PhD student 10/13-11/17, ATER 16-17, AI 01-03/18)
Barbara LAMBOUR, PhD 04/2016 (PhD student 02/14-04/16)
Hicham SAAD, PhD 11/2013
Luca BELLUCCI, PhD 03/2013
Imen LASSADI, PhD 08/2012
Mahta MAZAHERI, PhD 05/2009
Laurence FLEURY, PhD 04/2008

Ingénieurs and technical personnel:

Stéphanie CAZE-SUBRA, IE 09/16-5/17 (now CDI Evotec Toulouse)
Sandrine KAPPLER-GRATIAS, IE 06/14-3/17 (now CDI NeoVirTech Toulouse)
Laurence FLEURY, IE 06/12-04/13 (now IR CNRS Albi territorial office)


Université Paul Sabatier
118 Route de Narbonne

31062 TOULOUSE Cedex

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