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    Biological systems result from a complex evolutionary history, as partners and/or relationships between them may have been gained, lost or replaced during evolution. Our main research interest is to use genomic data to clarify the history that shaped key cellular process (ancestral genes, horizontal gene transfers, gene gains/losses) but also to provide functional information for experimental work. We address these issues by conducting comparative genomic analyses with phylogenomics approaches.

    Genomics of Integrated SYstems team Fichant

    For several years, through different collaborations with experimental biologists, we have focused our studies on the evolution of RNA degradation and processing machineries in bacteria and archaea by conducting many phylogenomics analyses on the different partners (ribonuclease, helicases, …). More recently, we have initiated a collaboration with Peter Redder's group to understand RNase J-mediated RNA degradation in Firmicutes with S. aureus as a model organism, and to assess the contribution of secondary structures and 5' epi-transcriptomic modifications of RNA substrates to the regulation of this process. In addition to phylogenomics approaches on the partners of the degradation machinery, this project focuses on RNA substrates and requires the development of original workflows and statistical analyses to integrate the specificity of the RNA-Seq data produced by P. Redder's team.


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    Gwennaele Fichant
    Professor, UT3
    Yves Quentin
    Researcher, CNRS
    Roland Barriot
    Associate Professor, UT3
    Petra Langendijk-Genevaux
    Engineer, CNRS
    Tomas Caetano
    PhD student, UT3


    Genome-wide analyses of multigenic families

    RNA homeostasis in Firmicutes

    RNA processing machineries in Archaea


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