Biology of the Centrosome

Andreas Merdes

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Team members

  • Thierry Gilbert
  • Laurence Haren
  • Andreas Merdes
  Associate professor
  • Christiane Bierkamp-Haenlin
  Technical staff
  • Julie Benedetti
  PhD student
  • Keying Guo
  • Camille Gorlt


Work in our group focuses on the proteins of the centrosome, and on their role in nucleation and organization of microtubules. We try to understand how microtubules are formed from the gamma-tubulin ring complex, a template structure consisting of gamma-tubulin and associated proteins. We investigate the protein interactions that trigger assembly and activation of this multi-protein complex. Because the centrosome loses its function as a microtubule-organizing centre in many differentiated cell types, and because centrosome proteins re-localize to novel sites of microtubule organization, we study the underlying mechanisms in two cellular models, myoblasts and skin keratinocytes. 


Ninein re-localizes from the centrosome to the cell cortex in differentiating skin keratinocytes

The gamma-tubulin ring complex provides a template for microtubule nucleation


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    2021 Oct
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  • Haren L, Farache D, Emorine L, Merdes A. .
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  • Lecland N, Hsu CY, Chemin C, Merdes A, Bierkamp C.
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