Regulation and transport of proteins across cell membranes

Raffaele Ieva

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Team members

  • Anne Sarcos
  • Violette Morales
  • Raffaele Ieva
  PhD student
  • Yassin Abu Ta'a
  • Haoxiang Chen
  • Maurine Marteau
  Master student
  • Lucie Esmangart

Research programs


Our team studies how cells build their membranes, assembling and regulating a large number of molecular machines.

The membranes of a cell define the borders of its compartments and separate its interior from the external environment. Cell membranes also house molecular machines made of secretory proteins. These devices fulfill a vast variety of functions such as transport of nutrients, metabolites, proteins and nucleic acids, as well as energy conversion and signaling.

In our lab, we study:

1) How secretory proteins are correctly recognized and transported across or assembled into membranes;

2) How the cell ensures the coherent development of its compartments coordinating multiple biogenesis events in space and time;

3) How membrane biogenesis processes are regulated in response to signaling cues and environmental stresses.   

To address these questions, we use two evolutionary related model systems focusing on the biogenesis of membranes surrounding Gram-negative bacteria and on the biogenesis of membranes surrounding mitochondria. Our ultimate objective is to decipher novel molecular pathways that can be exploited for the development of new therapeutics, for instance compounds to fight antimicrobial resistance (AMR) or modulators of mitochondrial functions.




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  • David Ranava (2016-2019)

PhD students

  • Luis Orenday (2018-2022)
  • Yiying Yang, (2018-2021)
  • Cyril Moulin, (2017-2021)
  • Uma Turakhiya, (2013-2016)

Master Students

  • Lucie Esmangart, Master-II (2024)
  • Nour Hijazi, Master-II (2023)
  • Thomas Lebailly, Master-I (2022)
  • Doriane Desandre, Master-II (2022)
  • Yassin Abu Taa, Master-II (2021)
  • Jelena Grga, Master-II (2020)
  • Helene Dieval, Master-I (2020)
  • Cyril Moulin, Master-II (2017)
  • Adrien Delpal, Master-I (2017)
  • Mame Ndiaye, Master-I (2017)
  • Lucyle Poinot, Master-I (2016) and Master-II (2017)
  • Luis Orenday, Master-I (2016) and Master-II (2018)
  • Apolline Jabveneau, Master-II (2016)

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