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Dr Anna Niarakis is a Full Professor of Computational Systems Biology at the University of Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier, affiliated with the Center of Integrative Biology and the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Dynamics. She holds a 4-year delegation for research at INRIA- Saclay, in the group Lifeware.

Dr Niarakis has a broad scientific background in Biochemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Technology and post-doctoral studies in Computational Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (ENS, Paris, Institut Gustave Roussy) with expertise in complex human diseases, especially autoimmune diseases.

She is a co-leader of the Disease Maps consortium coordinating the COVID-19 Disease Map initiative, and she also leads the Working Group “ Building Immune Digital Twins”, supported by the Research Data Alliance. 

Dr Niarakis has significant expertise in academic teaching and mentoring, course design and management and is also very active in organizing and participating in international summer and winter schools of Computational Systems Biology.

She is the main co-organizer and the leading instructor of the Wellcome Trust Advanced Course "Computational Systems Biology for Complex Human Disease: From Static to Dynamic Representations of Disease Mechanisms" :


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