RNA biology of Archaea

Béatrice Clouet D´orval

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Béa Clouet-d’Orval is the a group leader of the RNARCHAEA “RNA biology of Archaea” team. Béa Clouet-d’Orval & Marie Bouvier are co-supervizing the scientific projects of the team.


The team “RNA biology of Archaea”, in close collaboration with local, national and international partners aims at identifying and characterizing RNA metabolic pathways that are at the centre of gene expression regulation in Euryarchaea. We develop three interconnected, basic research projects to identify and characterize novel enzymes and machineries that mediate RNA quality control, RNA stability and RNA processing pathways using Thermococcales and Halophiles as study models:

-The first project focus is to decipher the functions of archaeal β-CASP RNases and associated RNA helicases and to identify RNA metabolic pathways at work in archaeal cells (ANR-CASPAR project, BCO coordinator).

-The second focus is to elucidate how the RNA and protein quality control are coupled and coordinated to fine-tune gene expression (ANR-PROTEIN Project, BCO partner).

-Finally, the third focus is to shed light on the molecular mechanisms that control the initial steps of RNA decay.

We believe that our work will provide knowledge that should prove to be milestones in the fields of RNA metabolism and molecular biology of Archaea, the third domain of life, and potentially clarify corresponding mechanisms in Eukarya and Bacteria. In addition, it should enlighten us on specific molecular processes that allow the archaeal cells to sustain an extremophile lifestyle.


Initial steps on mRNA decay in Thermococcales

Connection between the ribosome and the RNA modification/degradation machineries in Thermococcales

Impact of the universally conserved ribonucleases from the β-CASP family on archaeal RNA metabolism


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Mirna Hajj- former PhD

Manon Batista- former PhD

Duy Khanh Phung- former PhD

Bashir Saadek- former Post-doc

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