RNA biology of Archaea

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Béa Clouet-d’OrvalMarie Bouvier Marta Kwapisz are co-supervizing the scientific projects of the team.


The RNARCHAEA group, in close collaboration with local, national and international partners, aims at identifying and characterizing RNA metabolic pathways that are at the center of transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene expression regulation in archaea. In our interconnected, research projects we study novel enzymes and machineries that mediate RNA quality control, RNA stability and RNA processing pathways in Thermococcales study models

Archaea, which constitute the third domain of life, are present in all ecosystems and represent more than 20% of the microbial biomass in ocean water and up to 5% of soil. They have various energy metabolism that makes them of crucial importance in Earth’s global bio-geochemical cycling. Archaea have been model systems for understanding life in extreme conditions, and insightful for the evolution of both molecular genetic processes and central metabolic pathways. Our study models, Thermococcus barophilus and Pyrococcus abyssi are a deep-sea hyperthermophile archaeons, which offer the unique possibility to address RNA, DNA and protein stability at extremely high temperatures (growth at temperatures above 85°C) and high pressure that challenge the frontiers of life. 


Switch to survive - RNA metabolism during stationary transition in hyperthermophile archaea

RNA-degrading machines at the Ribosome in Archaea

Impact of the universally conserved ribonucleases from the β-CASP family on archaeal RNA metabolism


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Mirna Hajj- former PhD

Manon Batista- former PhD

Duy Khanh Phung- former PhD

Bashir Saadek- former Post-doc

Laura Plassart- former master student

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