Apoptosis-dependent Morphogenesis

Magali Suzanne

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Team members

  • Bruno Monier
  • Magali Suzanne
  Associate professor
  • Anne Pelissier-Monier
  • Corinne Benassayag
  • Stephanie Arnould
  Technical staff
  • Martine Cazales
  Postdoctoral fellow
  • Tatiana Merle
  PhD student
  • Meritxell Font Noguera
  • Ronan Bouzignac
  • Marianne Montemurro
  Master student
  • Léa Roquin
  • Iris Vernhet-Perez


We are interested in the process of morphogenesis and seek to understand how organs acquire their specific shapes. We are more specifically interested in cell dynamics during fundamental cellular events such as cell death or cell delamination and seek to characterize their impact on epithelial layers remodeling. In addition to the biochemical signals that cells send to modulate the behavior of their neighbors, cells can also influence their environment mechanically. One of the key objectives of mechanobiology, a rapidly expanding field of research, is to understand how mechanical forces are generated, transmitted and integrated within a tissue.

We take as a study model the formation of folds, a simple morphogenetic process allowing to go from a 2-dimensional structure to a 3-dimensional structure. We use a combination of models: Drosophila, Chicken/quail and theoretical models.

Our work is at the interface of developmental biology, cell biology and biophysics.



Cellular dynamics of tumor progression

The team

Morphogenesis Robustness

Biophysical modeling


Apoptosis dynamics in vertebrates

Dynamics of cell delamination

Apoptotic force generation and transmission


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