Small nuclear regulatory RNAs

Tamas Kiss

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  • Sylvain Egloff
  • Beata Jady
  • Tamas Kiss
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  • Oriana Puidebat


The nuclei of human cells contain an enormous number of small nuclear regulatory RNAs (snRNAs) which, in the forms of small nuclear ribonucleoproteins (snRNPs), function in all aspects of gene expression. Our research focuses on the understanding of the structural and functional complexity, the biogenesis and intracellular trafficking of human snRNPs. In the past, we have described and functionally characterized several novel groups of human snRNPs. Recently, we are dissecting the complex transcriptional regulatory function of the 7SK snRNP that controls RNA polymerase II activity. We also study the biogenesis and function of a novel class of snRNAs, the AluACA RNAs, which are processed from intronic Alu repetitive sequences.


Expression and packaging of AluACA RNAs into box H/ACA RNPs

Controlling RNA polymerase II transcription by the 7SK snRNP


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