International PhD Program

Andreas Merdes

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Team members

  • Kerstin Bystricky
  • Jean-Marc Devaud
  • Pascale Dufourcq
  • Marta Kwapisz
  • Julie Batut
  • Frederic Beckouet
  • Thomas Clouaire
  • Andreas Merdes
  • Filipe Pinto Teixeira Sousa
  Associate professor
  • Philippe Rousseau

Research programs


    The CBI international Ph.D. program was initiated upon the foundation of the CBI in 2016 and includes all Ph.D. students. The ambition of the program is to foster a community of well-trained, highly motivated, and dynamic young researchers. The CBI Ph.D. program committee includes staff scientists representing all institutes of the CBI, and is supported by its directorship. Our aim is to help our Ph.D. students to become part of the scientific community, to guide them in their career choices, and to participate in their training. Surrounded by the stimulating and dynamic environment of the CBI, the program proposes in-house training courses, seminars, and social events.


    To read and meditate: Twenty things I wish I’d known when I started my Ph.D.


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      in Toulouse, at the Paul Sabatier University, and in the CBI...


    Dear 1st year PhD students,

    We hope that these first few months as PhD students have been positive for all of you.

    There is an annual tradition at the CBI to officially welcome 1st year PhD students during an integration day.

    This special day allows all PhD students to gather, meet and create new relationships. You will also have the opportunity to present your work while sharing a convivial moment.

    This year, the integration day will take place on January 11th 2024. We would like to precise that this event is mandatory for all of you.

    Integration day details :

    This year, the integration day will take place at the Bowling Club Gramont, in Balma (Centre Commercial Auchan 2 chemin Gabardie, 31200 Toulouse).

    You can get there easily by metro line A, terminus Balma Gramont.

    We will meet at 10:30 a.m. for a coffee, followed by several presentations aiming at introducing you to the various programs and organizations set up for doctoral students in the CBI.

    We'll then have lunch at the bowling restaurant and we will restart the afternoon with a special activity designed to introduce you to each other.

    Around 4:30 p.m., we will participate in a team bowling tournament, with prizes for the best players and teams!

    We'll end the day with an evening buffet at the bowling alley, with all CBI members who want to join us.

    Kind regards,

    The organizing committee


    Doctorant·es, les inscriptions pour le concours Ma thèse en 180 secondes sont ouvertes !

    Present your thesis project in 180 seconds! (IN FRENCH ONLY)

    Le concours « Ma thèse en 180 secondes » vise à informer le grand public de la richesse et de l’intérêt des recherches scientifiques, tout en développant les compétences communicationnelles des doctorants avec le grand public.

    Le but ? Chaque participant présente, en 3 minutes, un exposé de vulgarisation en français, clair, concis et convaincant sur son projet de recherche. Le tout avec l’appui d’une seule diapositive !

    Ce concours est organisé en quatre temps :
    1/ Une pré-sélection régionale des candidats le 12 février 2024 au théatre Jules-Julien - Toulouse
    2/ Une sélection régionale le 15 mars 2024 au théatre Sorano - Toulouse , prélude à une demi-finale nationale qui se déroulera fin mars/ début avril 2024 à Paris (date exacte et lieu prochainement défini), permettant aux participants de créer un contact avec le grand public, en expliquant leur thèse en termes simples.
    3/ Une finale nationale se déroulera courant mai/juin 2024 (lieu prochainement défini).
    4/ Une finale internationale à l’automne 2024 qui permettra aux participants de se confronter à d'autres publics, dans d'autres lieux, d’effectuer des rencontres, et de se confronter à l’universalité de la recherche.


    Informations et inscriptions via


    The CBI Ph.D. Mentoring!    created by Julie Batut

    Do not hesitate to contact Julie if you would like to become a mentor or you need advice. It became a doctoral school's module entitled  "Module Mentoring CBI Ph.D. program" and could be found via Adum!

    Our mentoring program includes:

    1. Individual meetings and discussions (at least monthly)
    2. Round table sessions

    3. Career Workshop 

    Mentoring is a timeless concept with roots in ancient history. The word “mentor” comes from The Odyssey by the Greek poet Homer. When Odysseus, King of Ithaca, sailed off with his army to fight in the Trojan War, he entrusted his friend Mentor to care for and educate his son, Telemachus. The word “mentor” eventually came to mean a trusted advisor, counselor, and friend.

    The CBI Mentoring pairs new students with faculty mentors that match student interests and needs.

    Mentors are • Advisors, who have career experience and are willing to share their knowledge,
                          • Supporters, who provide emotional and moral encouragement,
                          • Tutors, who give specific feedback on one’s performance,
                          • Supervisors, who monitor their students’ academic and professional progress,
                          • Trainers, who teach students about professional responsibility,
                          • Sponsors, who are sources of information about opportunities and assist students in obtaining them, and
                          • Role models, who exhibit the qualities and ethical values that academics should possess. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (The National Institutes of Health,1999; Zelditch, 2001).


    Mentoring Programme 2023-2024:
    12h30-14h IBCG conference room (CBI – UPS Toulouse 3) and/or zoom meeting

    1. Thursday 23 November: Presentation of the Mentoring Programme
    Julie Batut (Programme Coordinator) & former Mentees and Mentors

    2. Thursday 14 December 12h-15h: Speed Mentor·e
    Julie Batut (Programme Coordinator)

    YEAR 2024: 12h30 -14h IBCG Conf Room - @ Zoom
    3. Tuesday 16, Thursday 18 and Friday 19 January 9am-5pm: 3 groups de 10
    binomes: Workshop on the Mentor.e-Mentee relationship, Julie Foncy (Research
    Engineer LAAS-CNRS, Collective Intelligence Trainer), 1 day per Mentor-Mentee

    4. Thursday 8 February: Getting a post-doc & presentation D-Fi USA Association, Dr.
    Mégane Rayer

    5. Thursday 14 March: 12h30-13h30 Mentoring Zoom table: “Finding your heart of
    excellence with “Mentoring tool: Hedgehog concept", Julie Foncy.

    6. Thursday 25 April: 1st Mentor-Mentee Circle TBD “Syndrome de l’imposteur” ?-
    Julie Foncy

    7. Thursday 16 May: Testimonies TBD

    8. Thursday 6 June: 12h30-14h, 2nd Mentor-Mentee Circle TBD - Julie Foncy

    9. Thursday 4 July: Feedback & Mentoring Evening "CBI 4R4, Starting at 5 pm

    Toulouse Mentoring Programme Coordinator - Femmes & Sciences - CBI PhD Programme



    C2PO  The CBI's PhD and Post-Doc Organization. Do not hesitate to visit their website and participate in upcoming events!



    List of CBI PhD students 30/03/2023:




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