Navigation and Cognitive Ecology (BeeAntCE)

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05 61 55 64 71

Team members

  Research engineer
  • Blandine Mahot-Castaing
  • Loic Goulefert
  Research engineer  Researcher  Postdoctoral fellow
  • Joanna Brebner
  • Léo Clement
  PhD student
  • Juliane Mailly
  • Oceane Dauzere-Peres
  • Kristine Abenis
  Master student
  • Thomas Besognet
  • Damien Venero
  • Leila Le Friant


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ERC Starting Grant EMERG-ANT: Ant Navigation in Natural Habitats

Molecular and neural mechanisms of appetitive and aversive memories


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    PLOS Computational Biology
    2023 Mar

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