Microbial evolution and ecology (MEE)

Olaya Rendueles


Team members

  Researcher  Master student
  • Léo Colin


Open positions 

Our lab is always open to spontaneous applications.

We welcome applications from people from a diverse range of backgrounds (regardless of age, gender, sexual identity, religious background, ...). We offer an inclusive working environment in which people enjoy equal opportunities and are able to fulfill their potential.


Research interests

We develop  multidisciplinary projects integrating molecular microbiology, population biology, macro- and micro- evolution using the facultative pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae as a model. Our research explores how how cellular surface structures shape complex microbial interactions, thereby impacting horizontal gene transfer, adaptation, and determining the evolution of structure and function of complex communities. Our work considers evolutionary time scales, as well as different levels of biological organization (from the single-cell to the community level).

We aim to : 

  • Quantify the short-term fitness and metabolic costs of capsule production by generating a panel of capsule null mutants and assessing their competitive index against their capsulated variant, and we will correlate this with capsule thickness and expression levels of genes involved in its production and secretion.

  • Understand how capsules affect bacterial adaptation to new environments through hundreds of generations (micro-evolution). I undertook  a mid-term evolution experiment and I am currently analysing how the populations adapted the mutations that emerged through time across the different environments and compare them to those observed in natural populations.

  • Determine the  impact of the different serotypes in Klebsiella genome evolution and the interplay between the capsule and mobile genetic elements.





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