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Jean-yves Bouet

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  • Guynet, C., Nicolas, E. Ton-Hoang, B., Bouet, J.-Y. and Hallet, B.
    First biochemical steps on bacterial transposition pathways
    Methods in Molecular Biology. Chapter book Horizontal gene transfer. 2075:157-177
    2020 Feb
  • Bouet, J.-Y., Krisch, H.M. and Louarn, J.-M.
    Ndd, the Bacteriophage T4 protein that disrupts the Escherichia coli nucleoid, has a DNA binding activity
    J. Bacteriol. 180: 5227-5230
    1998 Jun
  • Bouet, J.-Y., Campo, N.J., Krisch, H.M. and Louarn, J.-M.
    The effects on Escherichia coli of the expression of the cloned bacteriophage T4 nucleoid disruption (ndd) gene
    Mol. Microbiol. 20: 519-528
    1996 Apr
  • Repoila, F., Tetard, F., Bouet, J.-Y. and Krisch, H.M.
    Genomic polymorphism in the T-even bacteriophage
    EMBO J. 13:4181-92
    1994 Aug
  • Bouet, J.-Y., Woszczyk, J., Repoila, F., François, V., Louarn, J.-M. and Krisch, H.M. .
    Direct PCR sequencing of the ndd gene of bacteriophage T4: Identification of a product involved in bacterial nucleoid disruption
    Gene. 144: 9-16
    1994 Apr

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